The Colander

R 700.00

Let it go

Why is it that we continuously attach ourselves to opinions, points of view and how we think things should be?

Without us even being aware, these mantels weigh us down. They limit us from realising our full potential.

A dear friend of mine shared an image of a single balloon in flight as a daily reminder to “Let go”. It takes practice, but the rewards are lightness, energy and so much space to create whatever you wish.

The Colander in my ceramic range is designed as a daily reminder to let go of things that do not add to you. As you wash your freshly picked garden vegetables, just as the water rolls over the waxy skins and leaves, remember to let life pass over you and not attach yourself to ways of being that do not serve you.



Diameter: 21.5 cm

Height: 14 cm


Care Instructions:

Wipe down with damp cloth


Lead Time:

4-6 weeks

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